Why should you choose Owens Corning’s Duration Shingles with SureNail technology?

The biggest question when replacing your roof is what shingle to go with. With all of the different manufacturers and seemingly great products it can be quite the task of researching each and every different type. Well, we would like to speed up the process a bit!

The most common shingle nowadays is the 30 year architectural laminate. There are many different styles and series of these shingles that make it even more difficult to make decisions on which one. Usually folks resort to asking their friends or neighbors which roof they went with assuming they already did their research. This is not the way to make your decisions! Remember, most roofers are out to cut corners and grab the cheapest shingles to get your attention and make a sale. Don’t let them fool you with their great sales pitch and awesome manufacturers warranty. Tamko has the best manufacturer warranty on paper, but Tamko has had the biggest horror story of defects of any other shingle.

Owens Corning is known for their lack of these manufacturer defects. The Owens Corning Duration Series shingle with SureNail technology is the best 30 year architectural laminate shingle Owens Corning offers. We provide this shingle in all of our residential re roof quotes. You will find that this shingle is the only shingle that has a noticeably physical difference. The SureNail strip is the shingles nail strip, it is twice as large as any other manufacturers nail strip. Instead of granules it has a fabric infused membrane. It makes hitting the nail strip perfectly every time pretty simple. Your other brands of shingle have a small dotted chalked line that is usually hard to see making it almost impossible to nail the shingles perfectly every time. If using a nail gun installing these shingles it will cause the shingles to slide. This happens because the nail is blown through the shingle rather than securing it in the thicker part of the shingle where the nail strip is located. The SureNail shingle prevent blow through and pull through so this will never happen to your SureNail shingles. The lack of granules on the seal strip of the SureNail shingles allows for a much more solid seal. This shingle only requires 4 nails per shingles to achieve the 130 mph wind resistance rating.

Owens Corning is changing the roofing industry for the good making better products for roofing contractors and helping Modern Roofing provide a consistent quality roof system.

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