Why should you choose a 30 year shingle over other options?

Here in the Spring Texas area we install a lot of roofs with designer shingles. It’s always the customers choice of which roof they get despite our best efforts to tell them otherwise. We get it, the shingles are bigger and go with the style of the house etc. But what people don’t usually understand about designer shingles is that you will need to replace them at the same rate you would a regular 30 year shingle. The reason for this is because the shingles are all made with the same granules. Despite the difference in thickness which can be more resistant against hail, the granules will fall off at the same rate that the 30 year shingles do. This will cause your shingles to look old and give the appearance that they need to be replaced. Being that we are preferred roofing contractors with Owens Corning shingles we recommend the Duration series shingles with SureNail technology. We have install this new roof system over many houses in the North Houston and Spring Tx area and have many happy customers.

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