Why is it important to implement a maintenance program for your commercial roof?

Having a commercial roofing contractor come out bi-annually or annually even to check on the roof and make sure during the usual maintenance of the roof system that there were no nails dropped and stepped on by the HVAC contractors that are constantly going on the roof. Also to make sure there is no damage caused by a storm you may be unaware of. Most roofing product manufacturers call for a maintenance program to keep their roof performing properly and inspected. If a roof is properly inspected and maintained it will save money on the cost of maintenance to the building by avoiding issues before they start. Of course a brand new commercial roof is not going to need much of a maintenance program at least for the first 5 to 10 years of installation. But after that it is a good idea to have. A professional roofing contractor keep an eye on it. It is always smart to have your roof checked after a storm especially in Houston with the active hurricane seasons and hail storms.

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