Why is it important to hire an experienced commercial and residential roofer?

Why is it better to hire a roofer that is more diversified and has experience in both commercial and residential roofing? Well, on residential custom built homes you typically find areas that may require additional attention that residential roofing products just can’t solve. Shingles need at least a 3/12 pitch to be proper installation and here in The Woodlands area we find a lot of dead valleys which are basically an area where a wall meets a valley and forces the pitch of the roof to change usually to a low sloping roof which requires a flat roofing or commercial roofing product to prevent water infiltration. Most custom homes also have beautiful balconies which require flat roofing materials and not all flat roofing materials are made equal. You need a strong product for these areas like modified bitumen or 80 mil TPO. Modern style homes are becoming more and more popular in the Houston area and usually require a commercial flat roofing system. Modern Roofing is experienced in flat roofing, pitched roofing and sheet metal fabrication in order to handle any design flaw.

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