Why is it important to have your roof checked once a year?

Protecting your home starts with your roof. Having a solid roof is the single most important investment to your homes protection. In heavily wooded areas like The Woodlands, and the spring area it is much more important to have a roof maintenance schedule to keep your roof in great shape to avoid costly roof repairs. We find issues with led flashing being chewed in the woodlands quite often. To remedy these areas we usually use an aluminum pipe flashing product. We have found these to solve the issue of rodents chewing their way into your attic and causing you leaks. Wall flashings where siding meets the roof is another hot spot for critters to chew on and cause problems because there is usually a large enough crack for the animals to sense heat and try to get into the attic. Hardy siding is a great alternative siding to wood or vinyl that usually prevent animals from finding their way in your attic. Poor installation of soffit and fascia that tie into roofing leaving 1″ to 1 1/2″ cracks is an easy entry point we typically install a metal flashing in these areas to stop the critters.
Animals aren’t the only reason you should have your roof checked often. Storm damage like the hail storm in April of 2015 that caused all the damage in Spring, Tomball and The Woodlands area is another reason. We found that many people were on vacation during this time and didn’t even know that they had storm damage. After violent storms you should get your roof checked if you see that limbs have fell to avoid larger roof repairs and interior damage to the home.

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