What are the benefits of a Metal Roof in Houston?

Irrespective of where you come from, I bet you have seen metal roofs around you or at least somewhere. Wherever you walk or drive, you can see metal roofing on homes, business structures. Even in the city and urban areas, the chances are that you will see many houses or buildings donning a metal roofing type. But first, how much you know about metal roofing systems? Do you understand this is one of the most economical roofing types that require little to zero maintenance after its installation? Besides, if you choose to use a metal roof for your building, there is a wide range of styles and looks to choose from.

Metal roofing gives your home or business a polished and clean appearance, while also providing outstanding safety to the structure of your building. Metal roofing comes in many styles that match the style of any commercial property or home structure. Some of the styles include metal shake roofing, metal shingle roofing, standing seam metal roofing, metal slate roofing, metal panel roofing, and metal tile roofing.

All these metal roofing styles are uniquely designed to give your property a unique look that will grab the attention of all onlookers. Additionally, there is a variety of styles and colors to choose from, making metal roof the most convenient roofing type to meet and satisfy the needs and wants of any business (for more details on materials, check out a local houston metal roofing supply located in Fort Bend county).

Why should I use a Metal Roof on my Industrial Building?


From materials including plastic, wood, metal, concrete, and glass, the most excellent material is metal because it is reliable, durable, and long-lasting. A metal roofing is designed to withstand strong winds, hail, rain, snow, mildew, debris, mold, as well as rodents and other animals.

Additionally, metal roof materials are noncombustible and always Class A fire-rated, which means resistant to fire in the highest rank possible. The durability against common threats to different roofing systems is a reason enough to the popularity of Houston metal roof.


Why do we say metal roofing is environmentally friendly? First, it’s because the metal roofing material is recyclable, and any old panels, tear-off metal, and excess manufactures leftovers are eco-friendly and can be used in other future products.

Moreover, some metal roofing materials, such as aluminum, are already-recycled metals. They contain about 95 percent of aluminum roofing is a product of recycled materials. Also, metals such as zinc and copper are sourced from the earth’s crust so that they can be replenished naturally and sustained with time. 

Low Cost over Longer Time

The price tag of metal roof is costly upfront if paid once that the cost of tiles or asphalt shingles. However, a metal roof can last for not less than 60 years, while asphalt shingle roofs will require replacement after about 15-20 years alongside regular repair and maintenance. A single metal roof can outlast not less than three asphalt shingle roofs. 

Three Reasons for a Metal Roof

Life Expectancy

A metal roofing system is correctly installed, it should last as long as the house/building. Protecting it from water, winds, and the shedding snow. Also, metal is resistant to mildew, rot, insects, and fire. They come with different warranty levels, with most companies backing their products for 20 – 50 years, while the paint-finished products coming with up to 30-years warranty.


While a tile weighs 750 pounds per square, covering an area of approximately 100 square feet, metal roofing material is very light in weight. Most metal sheets vary around 50 – 150 pounds per square as compared to the tiles’ 900 pounds per square.

The weight variance helps you to save when building and engineering the supporting structure. You can always downsize the number of roof support frames – some metal roof materials reused over an already existing roof system with out the addition of structural framing.

Easy & Speedy Install

Many metal roofing systems are available in panels of 12 to 36″ (inch) wide or multi shingle sections. A qualified contractor does the installation quickly. In case of a stripped-off roof when storm underway, you will need this kind of roof because it takes a shorter time to install. Additionally, this also helps to save on the cost of labor.

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