Top 5 Reasons to Install Gutters on Your Houston Home

Gutters are an important part of your home, especially in the Houston & Southeast Texas. Every homeowner should consider gutter installation in a high rainfall area. This is so because most homes today require the gutter system to amass the rainwater that lands on the roof and channel it away from the house to avoid structural damage to your house. It also saves the foundation, sidewalk, and driveway from pooling water in your compound.

The following are five top reasons to install gutters in your home, please read on:

To protect the foundation

Properly installed gutters will preserve the foundation of your house. Houses without gutters usually have rainwater accumulated around the foundation, thus compromising its structural integrity. Houston can get extremely wet ( You can even see Conroe and The Woodlands are still in the 16 inch 24 hours rainfall band (pink).

If the foundation walls remain damp for long, it will crack and develop fissures placing the entire building at risk. Additionally, if the excess water freezes in the winter season, ice formation will exert too much pressure on the foundation wall leading to some substantial damage. Installing gutters helps to prevent all these complications by channeling all the water from the roof away from the basement.

To prevent soil erosion or landscaping

In most homes, you will find that the owner has preserved a small piece of land for landscaping projects such as flowerbeds, stonewalls, and shrubs. If such areas are exposed to a torrential downpour, the project might end up as a waste. The vegetation including flowers, will be destroyed. However, installing a gutter in your home will help you avoid all these occurrences. Rainwater scatters everywhere and soaks the soil if it is not channeled correctly, but gutters act as the pathway. Every homeowner needs to make a plan so that water coming from the gutters is directed away from the house by all means.

To preserve the roofing shingles

How do gutters relate to the lifespan of your roofing? If gutters are kept clean and free from debris, the rainwater will flow through it smoothly. This prevents the rain-water from building-up on the roof, which would otherwise damage the roof material or make it leak. Additionally, gutters also keep the roofing shingles in perfect shape. Some homeowners have managed to keep their homes in top shape for many years because they installed gutters, and also kept maintenance in mind.

To prevent unexpected showers and mold prevention

Gutters prevent water that may overflow from the roof from drenching on you as you enter or leave the house, especially when it’s raining. Poorly installed gutters or lack of it creates an environment for mold and mildew to flourish. Also, flooding water around the house makes an excellent breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects, thus, exposing everyone in the home to a health hazard. The best way to solve such problems is by installing gutters.

To protect the siding

If your siding was installed less than a year ago and it’s already damaged, you likely have no gutters at all. Whether you install a vinyl siding or fiber cement siding, without adequately installed gutters, even the best siding gets damaged over time. Besides, lack of gutters brings the rainwater closer to the house leaving anything it finds on the way soaked and stained, including the beautiful siding. Although some siding materials are long-lasting, the truth is none of them can last forever.

Finally, keep in mind that the whole thing about your house links to each other. The gutters affect garden beds, roof, foundation, and basement. A single simple installation will save a lot more in the long-run.

How to Install Gutters

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