Tips for The Woodlands: How to clean your vinyl siding?

While vinyl siding is a versatile, resilient and durable material for building, it does need routine check, care, and cleaning. If you live in North Houston like The Woodlands or Conroe you know that pollen and algae buildup from high tree coverage can be a issue. After every season, many homeowners complain about the yellowing of the vinyl siding of their houses. However, this is not a cause to worry about because it is normal and easy to correct. First things first, what are some of the common reasons for the yellowish hue of a house siding:

  • Everyday exposure to debris and wind blowing dust against a clean vinyl siding, falling leaves, birds, rain, and insects, and pollen
  • When a pigmented material continuously gets exposed to sunlight a dull film of chalk accumulation is a common occurrence.
  • Most vinyl siding products such as CertainTeed are specially designed and intended to provide resistance against regular household stains including grease, and oil, but this won’t stop stains from occurring. One of the most common siding stains is algae build up.
  • Areas or climates that are exceedingly damp and receive insufficient sunlight or rain, for instance, the porch and eaves enclosures are highly likely to experience mildew growth.

Well, these are common with most homes and you can have a glistening home if you decide to just like you chose to have the vinyl siding installed in the first place.

Lucky enough, it is a reasonably easy job to clean vinyl siding. Besides, there are many products for the removal of stains and other ordinary dirt. One of the best ways of cleaning siding is by using a soft cloth or soft-bristle brush with a long handle. Also, it’s essential to start working on the siding from the bottom up to the housetop to prevent streaking. Don’t forget to carefully rinse all the residue as you work your way up.

Cleaning with a power washer

You can utilize a power washer to clean your vinyl siding, but you need to read and understand the washer instructions before using it. Hold the power washer straight to the level of your eyes when cleaning to keep water on the siding top to enhance effective cleaning. Don’t place the power washer upward because that might drive water behind the vinyl siding.

However, as every product comes with its manufacturer’s instructions, some do not endorse the use of any pressure washer on any of their products. Other manufacturers allow them with limitations on the amount of cleaners and pressure to be used. Sometimes, they will caution the use of pressure washers on walls with openings, like doors, plumbing, doors, windows, and electrical wiring.

What is the best way to clean vinyl siding using a pressure washer?

Now that you have a little grasp of how power washer works over hand scrubbing; let’s break it down.

Double-check the condition of your siding

Before you spray your house with a pressure washer, walk around to check on the loose bits of the siding, molding, window trim or other exterior elements. Check on all the windows to ensure there are no gaps or loose bits through which water finds a way into the house.

Rinse the vinyl siding  

Most people forget to rinse the exterior of the house and instead jump into soaping the siding using a sudsy blast. Rinsing the outer surface of the house with soap helps to remove dirt, dust, and debris as well as to remove the soap elements clinging on the stained area.

Besides, rinsing also helps you to practice on how to adjust the pressure of your sprayer as well as figuring out the right distance for cleaning your siding safely without causing damage. The best way to begin is by spraying from a few feet from the siding and moving closer if necessary.

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