The importance of taking proper care of your roof and gutters

Neglecting your roof and gutters can be causing issues that you might not recognize until It’s too late. Heavily wooded areas like the woodlands, Tx. are areas where you want to be very aware of your home and stay up to date on roof and gutter maintenance. You should have your roofing contractor clean your roofing and gutters to allow both systems to perform properly. Built up pine needles and other leaves on a roof valley can cause water to sit and this can lessen the life of the roof system and on lower slopes it can cause the water to dam and back up under the shingles and leak.
If your gutters are backed up you run the risk of water infiltration into your homes walls through the eaves. It only takes a handful of debris to clog a downspout to where the gutter cannot drain properly. Be sure to keep up on the maintenance of your roof and gutters as they are essential in protecting your home from the elements.

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