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Have you ever wanted to take your home and actually see on your home exactly how a different colored shingle will look? Owens Corning came out with a pretty amazing application where you can do just that. We are currently working with Owens Corning to see if we can have this service put on our

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Why should you choose a 30 year shingle over other options?

Here in the Spring Texas area we install a lot of roofs with designer shingles. It’s always the customers choice of which roof they get despite our best efforts to tell them otherwise. We get it, the shingles are bigger and go with the style of the house etc. But what people don’t usually understand

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Why should you choose Owens Corning’s Duration Shingles with SureNail technology?

The biggest question when replacing your roof is what shingle to go with. With all of the different manufacturers and seemingly great products it can be quite the task of researching each and every different type. Well, we would like to speed up the process a bit! The most common shingle nowadays is the 30

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