Should I Replace My Roof Before I Sell My Home In Houston?

Should I replace my homes roof before sale? As always, it depends. Before we jump into the decision of whether to or not to replace your roof before selling your home, let us talk of the basics. Out of all major home maintenance solutions, proper installation of a new roof is essential. Every homeowner would love to have a new roof, but it’s necessary to understand that proper maintenance of a roof can prolong its life in a big way. Nevertheless, should your old roof fail or water destroy your home, you will need to replace the roofing before selling the house to increase its value.

Roof replacement is not an easy task, though, and neither is repair. Both of these tasks comes with a price. Whenever you learn that your roof beginning to near its end, do all the necessary to have professional roofing contractors fix it to maintain longevity (again this comes back to regular maintenance).

Should I Replace My Roof Before Sale?

Homeowners who are planning to plans to sell a house anytime soon must be wondering whether it’s essential to replace the roofing system or not. The best way is to consult with a contractor since they are in a better position to offer honest advice on repairs and replacements that are worth doing before you can negotiate the price of the house.

Some tips to help you make wise decisions BUY vs FIX decisions:

Roofs with huge holes causing a severe leak must always be fixed before selling. Take note that failure to make all the necessary repairs and maintenance is likely to reduce the value of your home. Sometimes, it may even turn away the buyer. Also, a roof replacement is one home improvement that would undoubtedly earn the homeowner a good return on investment.

Besides, the roofing system alone represents nearly forty of a home’s “curb appeal,” thus a new roofing system will increase the resale value of your house. The same happens when the homeowner chooses the right shingles. In a recent study by the National Association of REALTORS, homeowners can upturn their home value by an average of 5 percent using a new Timberline roof (trailing source from GAF blog).

As for the roofs that require only a small repair, the homeowner must evaluate whether the repair is worth the cost. Inspection of the entire roofing system by a professional contractor will help to assess the number of problems and point out the red flag to any prospective buyer. Evaluating the home before bargaining its price will help provide the homeowner with a quotation for all the necessary repairs. Conversely, if you choose not to have a roof replacement, it would make sense to pass on the repair quotation to the possible buyer when selling the house. This will help you do the job even though the new house owner.

Fixing a Roof vs. Replacement

The other way to help a homeowner repair a broken roof is by helping them to review the present housing market. Be sure to know which homes are currently on demand and which are not. Check with your Woodlands REALTOR on how much similar houses are selling for. If you do this right, you will know the value of your home even before you start negotiating.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that you need to repair and fix all the damaged spots on your roof. Many buyers will go for a move-in home that is ready for use and needs no fixing. Unless a roof needs serious repair – just fix it and move on with full disclosure to the buyer on the life of the roof. Check out Tom’s video below.

Roof Replacement - Something to Ask your Realtor

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