Roof repairs in The Woodlands and Magnolia, TX.

Modern Roofing has to constantly repair roofs in Magnolia, Houston and The Woodlands, TX. because of the typical tree coverage there are more often issues with limbs falling and rodents damaging the roofs. If you have just had your roof replaced you don't want to have to replace the entire roof for a limb falling or a squirrel chewing up a vent. Modern Roofing's sales team and laborers are experts at spotting and finding leaking areas in your roof. We will go into your attic and find the roof leak entry point from inside. Based on our experience we find that most roof leaks come from flashing's or vents installed improperly or failing pipe collar vents.

Tree limbs rubbing against shingles is another real common issue for roof repairs found on houses in The Woodlands. Tree limbs rubbing against shingles damage the roof granules and cause premature failure of shingles. If your roof is 10 years old some of your vents may need to be replaced as general maintenance on your roof. Most builders use the cheaper plastic vents that need to be replaced every 10 years or so. It is always good to have a roofer take a look at your roof every year or every other year just to make sure your roof is in good working condition. The amount of bad storms in The Woodlands area is the main reason we suggest having your roof checked so often.

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