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Inexperienced contractors typically make very common mistakes like the following:
Setting their air guns too high causing the nail to blow through the shingle, this leaves the shingle loose instead of fastened properly.

  • Getting in a hurry, nailing too high or too low on the nail strip of a shingle which is only a half of an inch wide. Without the SureNail technologies help, installing standard shingles is a difficult process even if you are taking your time.
  • Nailing shingles crooked, this is caused by not popping the proper guide lines.
  • Nailing too close to valleys or other high water flow areas that will eventually cause premature pin hole leaks in your roof
  • Using the cheapest products available, pinching every last penny to make the most money possible on your roof. Disregarding the fact that you are paying for quality workmanship and quality products that you are promised

Here at Modern Roofing Co. we want to make it easy for you to make the decisions. We believe in using the best products and providing the best warranties in the business.

Certified: Preferred Roofing Contractor

We want to be completely transparent with you so that you have no questions about if our company has what it takes to provide a top-of-the-line roofing system for you. Let’s just say we don’t have the 40 years of experience that we do. Lets just say we aren’t certified with the top shingle manufacturer in America and that we haven’t gone through additional training for safe measure bringing us to the Preferred Contractor status. Owens Corning makes it easy, even though we have all of those certifications and have gone through the proper training. Why take a chance on a product that can fail or have simple problems with even the most minor mistakes? Owens Corning came out with a revolutionary product that has solved a lot of the residential roofing industries problems. The SureNail shingle has a 1″ wide fabric infused nail strip that is easily seen and prevents nail blow through with air guns being set too high and also withstands nail pull through much better than the standard 30 year shingle. Nail blow through and pull through eventually cause the shingles to slide around once heated up by the sun. This will cause leaks that typically don’t show up inside your house until its too late. The shingle has a much better seal strip on the laminated areas to allow the shingle to have superior adhesion.

Check out the video below and see why hiring Modern Roofing to install your SureNail shingles is your premier choice!

(Unlisted) Product Guide: Patented SureNail Technology in TruDefinition Duration Shingles

Still not impressed? If you would like to experience this for yourself give us a call and we can prove to you that these shingles are the best! We believe we are the best roofers in Magnolia, Texas and all the surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated business, and we have made a name for ourselves at the number one roofer in the Houston area on We are operating with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on and a 4.0 GPA on Angie’s List. We are happy to have come this far with roofing and you don’t get that far by doing shoddy work. We have customer references upon request to show you that we stand behind our work and warranties!

More Info on Owens Corning products


You want to be extra protected in the event of a hurricane or high winds etc.
The weather lock ice and water barrier is installed on the roofs eaves and valleys which are high waterflow areas on your roof. This product helps prevent wind driven rain water from penetrating the shingles and getting to the decking. This is your extra protection for the worst case scenario. Learn more about this product from the informational literature below.

Why should you choose a preferred Contractor?

As a preferred contractor with Owens Corning we are certified to install all of their products including the SureNail shingle. We have a clean record with the BBB and provide a comprehensive warranty for all of our customers. We install the number one brand in shingles and have plenty of positive reviews on Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and throughout the web that we can pass along upon request. At Modern Roofing we care about YOU and we can about our roofs!

Unlike most contractors who are focused mostly on how much money they can make off of the customer, we are concerned about our customers and their needs. This quickly separates the service we provide at Modern Roofing from other roofing contractors out there. This is another reason why we choose to use Owens Corning products. We know that they are known as the best shingle manufactures out there. We believe in quality over quantity which is why we choose to pay a little bit more for a shingle that will protect your roof and your home better and actually last longer than other competing brands. Texas weather can be harsh and we want to make sure that we provide our customers with the highest quality products to get your home through.



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