Pros and Cons of installing a metal roof in Houston.

Houston Metal Roof Installation

Want a metal roof on your Houston home?

Here is what to expect from a metal roof if you live in the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land MSA.


There are many pro’s to installing a metal roof over a shingle roof especially in Houston, Texas. The reason for this is that shingles just don’t last that long in Texas. For instance, architectural shingles used to be called 30 year shingles, not any more. They are now called “Limited Lifetime” shingles because they found that shingles were just not lasting a full 30 years in Texas. Houston’s harsh weather (see NOAA Houston Climate data) conditions where the summers are scorching hot and the winters are cold and wet really deteriorate shingles.

Houston Weather Extremes Data Table Houston weather is extreme which is always tougher on shingles. Metal roofs are more resilient.

Shingles will always be your cheapest and most common option, if a metal roof doesn’t fit in your budget than we would recommend using either Owens Corning or GAF as we have found these shingles to last the longest and have the least amount of manufacturer defects.

You are opened up to new options of additional commercial grade insulation added to the decking of the home installed under the metal roof panels. This is a wonderful upgrade for a metal roof because then you can add traditional blow-in insulation to the attic and really save on electricity. Metal roofs, if installed correctly will last much longer than shingle roofs with no hiccups. They shed water easier they are less likely to leak in a wind driven rain situation. They have more capability with wind and elements like hail and fire than shingles do. For a lot of houses metal roofs will look much better than shingles but certainly not in all situations. The standing seam is our most expensive and by far the best metal roofing solution on the market. With a standing seam roof you are even more protected because there are no penetrations to the actual panels on the roof. The roof is mechanically attached with brackets that clip on the under side of the panel where the new panel lays over and clips in. This design prevents the usual installation issues of a traditional metal roof from happening. Having no penetrations through the panels is a huge plus. In Houston, a popular alternative to metal roofs on industrial buildings is a retrofit insulation board that fits over “R” panel roofs and allows you to install the most popular green roof system available today, the Thermoplatic Polyolefin roof system (TPO).


Metal roofs are much more expensive than shingles. This is usually the straw that breaks the camels back. Customers see the benefits of installing a metal roof but are scared to commit once they hear the price. Be prepared to take out a loan when upgrading your roof to a metal system because they can run 1.5x to 2.5x of a traditional shingle roof. Modern Roofing has a great financing program you can use for the additional cost if choosing this route.

Metal roofs are in most areas not approved by HOA regulations (example: see The Woodlands residential application). Sometimes metal roofs just do not work with the style of your house. If a metal roof system is installed incorrectly it can cause much more damage than good and can leave you in a big mess. You want to make sure the contractor you use has testimonials from customers that they have worked with in the past and had a metal roof installed. Not all roofers are made equal and many do not know the proper installation of a metal roof. Metal roofs are in some cases much slower to install and in other cases faster than shingles depending on the type of metal roof and how many cuts are on the house.

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Check out the time lapse below on this tiny home…if you have a project bigger than this we suggest calling your local craftsmen!

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