Need help with your holiday decor?

Modern Roofing is launching a new seasonal service.
We will be installing Christmas lights for our customers in the The Woodlands and North Houston area. You can call for a over the phone or in person consultation. It is important to hire a roofer to install your Christmas lights we will make sure while installing Christmas lights on your roof that we will not damage your roof in any way. Other companies that are not knowledgeable of roofing may damage your roof and cause issues. Modern Roofing wants to keep up the holiday spirit and help you put up your Christmas lights! We know putting up Christmas lights can be dangerous especially on large Woodlands Tx. homes. It can also be very time consuming and not a lot of you out there have the time to get lights put up. We will let you see a range of different styles of Christmas lights and no matter if your located in Houston or The Woodlands or if you have a 1 story home or 4 story home no job is too big or too small. All of our prices will start at $1000 for installations. You can buy your own lights from the store and we will put them on for you or you can let us take care of all of it. The Woodlands, TX. used to be a popular spot to take a trip to for Christmas lights we want to keep that up. Let Modern Roofing give you a free quote on your Christmas light installation today!

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