How to tell if you need to replace your existing gutters

Are your gutters sagging or obviously pulling away from the fascia board?
If you own a home in an area with a lot of tree coverage like the woodlands or Kingwood area and you are not set up on a repeat scheduled cleaning service you may have to replace your gutters. Gutters that are not properly maintained will not drain and will cause damage to the fascia and soffit as well as the eave of your home. Your best bet is to have your contractor come out and inspect the gutter system to make sure there is no existing rot and if there is not you will need to have your gutters cleaned and LeafBlaster or other approved equal gutter guard installed. There are a lot of gutter guards on the market that do not work and are over priced, make sure you do your research. If you are aware that you have had your gutters for 10+ years it is a great idea to have them checked as outdated installation methods have been known to cause issues and if your gutter has lost its proper pitch it could be causing more problems. Gutters installed with spikes(nails) get loose and leak into fascia and most of the time have rot based on past replacements. We created this blog post because we have found many issues with gutter installations in Houston and The Woodlands, TX.

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