How to tell if you need a New Roof

Have you seen your roof lately?

If you’ve had your roof for 10-15 years you need to have it evaluated to see how long you have left on the roof. Depending on the brand of the shingle and which state you are in, you may need to replace it. Here are some signs to let you know that you need a new roof. One of the easiest ways to see if you need a new roof is to see if the shingles are shining in the sunlight. This tells you that your shingles are looking a lot of their granules, enough to expose the fiberglass underlayment. When you see this you most likely have about 1-2 years left on your roof. Another quick way to see granule loss is to check the areas at the end of the downspout you may see granules from the roof. This will let you know that your roof is starting to deteriorate and may need to be evaluated by your professional roofing contractor. If you have minimal granule loss and your shingles are not shining in the sunlight this tells you that you at least have 3 years and could very well have 5-7 more depending. Here in Magnolia, TX. you should expect 3-5 years left on your roof when you see granule loss as the weather is a little more damaging to shingles than in other areas. Around 10-15 years is usually when your pipe collars need replacement and sealant fails on your roof. To get the full life of your roof you need to have these repairs to your roof made around this time to avoid interior damage. If you are not afraid to climb up on your roof and examine the shingles up close, you can check the quality of the seal strip in the shingles by lightly tugging the shingles to try and separate. A safer way to do this is by using a flat bar which you can find at your local home store. If you see that the ends of your shingles are curling this is a good sign you will need a new roof soon. Curling shingles and broken seal strips allow water to find its way to the nails that fasten your shingle to the decking. When excessive moisture meets the nail it will corrode and rust and become loose causing water to seep in and leak into the decking. We call these pin hole leaks and if your roof was nailed wrong then you are in even more danger. Have your roof professionally evaluated by a trusted roofing contractor to make sure your roof is working at its best. Being that we are a local magnolia roofer we see issues with workmanship and quality all the time.

Be very aware of your roof and home to avoid getting burned.

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