How to find the right quality roofing professional in Houston, TX

There are many ways to do your research on roofing contractors in Houston, TX. or any home professional for that matter. Here at Modern Roofing we would like to provide some helpful tips on how to find the right service professional for your home.
The first places you want to look in Houston Tx. would be Check a pro is a great way to find a local roofing company in Houston or any other home service, because Check A Pro is a Houston based company. Jim Klauck, the CEO of Check A Pro is a resident himself here in Houston. To get on as a business you have to go through an interview with Jim himself and meet all requirements including insurance and referrals from past clients etc. He really does his research on the companies he lets in and if any problem arises he steps in to make it right with the customer and terminates the contractors agreements with Check A Pro with no second chances. So basically, you are guaranteed a quality professional to work with when picked from Jim’s site. is another wonderful site to use there are requirements that have to be met and maintained to stay on Angies List and you will also be kicked off of Angies List if you do not perform. All reviews on Angies List are from real people and you usually have a lot of reviews to look at as many people use the site. is another great site to use to find professionals because you will be able to read many reviews to spot out the good and he bad contractors. That have a 1-5 rating system similar to other great websites like Sites like BBB are no longer the best way to find contractors as it only takes a contractor to pay for their BBB Accreditation and many contractors don’t use BBB anymore. Many more use the others listed above.
Referrals are great too but do not always turn out to be what you expect, as others may have a different idea of a job well done than you do. Also, they could be referring a family member in need and struggling because they are not doing a great job to begin with. It is always best do you your own research on contractors, especially roofing contractors.
Don’t be afraid to ask your roofing contractor important questions to make sure you and your contractor are on the same page with what you expect. A good contractor will listen and keep your best interest in mind instead of treating you like a dollar sign. Make sure you ask if they are fully insured as required by state and local laws. Ask if they are affiliated or have any certification with roofing manufacturers. One of the biggest questions is how long they have been in business. Remember, a warranty is not worth paying for if the company providing it goes out of business in the next year or two. You need to find a contractor that is established and has been in business for at least 5 years.

Another thing to look at while receiving quotes is price. Never go for the lowest price. Contractors that win your heart with the lowest price are usually stabbing you in the back. They will cut corners and get it done for as cheaply as possible to save a buck and get your business, don’t do it. You have to consider the size of the company and the fact that their bills may be more than the not so trusted or established companies. Usually the more expensive your quote is the better quality roof tech’s and materials will be as well as the company as a whole. Remember, there is a reason why they are still in business. The final suggestion would be to find a family business. No one will take better care of you and your home then a company that is humanized. There are huge companies that look great from the outside but lack the care that a smaller family owned company will provide. There is a happy medium when choosing a quality contractor and you have to use your best judgement based on what you are given when comparing “apples to apples”.
On behalf of Modern Roofing and our family we hope this helps you in choosing the right contractor!

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