How to clean your tile roof

If you’re a roof cleaning professional looking for new ventures and revenue stream and you still don’t offer tile roof cleaning services, then you need to look up and think again. Tile roof cleaning is an overlooked business opening especially for roof cleaning contractors. With a wide range of tools available on the market today, roof cleaning is even easier. This article is about how to clean tile roof and the things to get for the job.

How to clean your tile roof

Cleaning the roof will give your tile roofing a new facelift, then why not do it. Here is a step by step guide on how to clean tile roof: Start by preparing to clean the roof tiles. Before you get started with the roof cleaning process, take note of these three things: First, be walking on point where the tiles overlap since this is the strongest points of the roof.

Second, because the tile roof surface gets slippery as you do the cleaning, wear stable, non-slippery shoes and install a safety rail. Third, have someone to help you pass items from the ground to help save time. Clean the roof using anti-moss spray. Before this step, detach all the water tanks connected to the gutters to prevent chemicals from getting inside of your water storage.

Then, apply your anti-moss spray throughout the tiles on the roof. While spraying the roof, start from one side and walk away from the already sprayed parts to ensure you always walk on the dry tiles.Use the high pressure water spray to clean the roof tiles Allow the anti-moss spray to do what it does best, then use a high pressure cleaner to wash down the tiles. This helps to get rid of the lichen and moss or any built up dirt. As aforementioned, walk towards your back while spraying – away from the tiled you have washed.

Top 6 must have items to clean your tile roof

Ladder – a sturdy ladder is very essential for climbing onto the roof top and reaching inaccessible areas.

Pressure washer – you must have a pressure washer to clean tile roof. Also ensure you have the recommended nozzles designed for your type of tiles. Clay and concrete tiles have tiny pores and can be cleaned manually by brushing or by use of pressure washer. The 1,200 – 1,500 psi is best for removal of dirt as well as stains without corroding the surface.

Tile roof cleaning chemicals – there are chemicals as well as cleaning agents that will help in efficient cleaning of a tiled roof. Professionally, sodium hydroxide based products are recommended because they are safer, eco-friendly and very effective. Besides, chlorine and water solution can also be used for its effectiveness and price.

Extra replacement tiles – when you are cleaning your tile roof, it is the best timeto repair any minor damages. If there are cracked, broken or loose tiles, the replacement tiles will be required. Also, chances are that, some tiles may break as you walk on the roof while cleaning so you can replace them without a problem.

Sealant, primers, and paint – while cleaning, the tiles may get eroded and peel off the paint and coatings. Tiles that are newly cleaned are susceptible to moisture, dirt, and damage. These items will help you seal and paint to protect your tiles from catching dirt or moss infestation.

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