How do I clean my roof? I live in The Woodlands (Houston), and my roof has black stains.

Have black streaks or stains on your roof? Lets step through what it is and how to clean it. Whether it’s a new house, home or roof, new things feel original, lovely and sparkling. Nevertheless, we all understand that a new item cannot remain fresh forever and require some maintenance.

Now, this is the same thing with a newly installed roof. It looks spotless, clean and new the day it is finished, but years later it begins to look not only old but also develops stains which definitely may require cleaning. If your roof has some stains and you don’t like the look, this is for you…

Black Stains or the Algae

If you own a home, you probably must have had an encounter with the black stains which catches the rooftop. Many people are suffering from this debris without knowing what they are or what’s damaging their roofs. Algae or black stains or roof molds appear on top of the roof due to insufficient sunlight, thus causing them to remain damp for long. With the right vetting, roof cleaning professionals in H-town will help you get rid of the stain and leave your roof looking better.

Can the Black Stains Damage the Roof?

No, but what happens is that the algae diminish the excellent looks of the roof and the sparkle of the shingles.  The best way to prevent the growth of black stains or algae on the rooftops is through the use of resistant shingles. However, this option will only be suitable if you are having a roof replacement or installation on a new home.

Cleaning the Black Stains

There are essential cleaning solutions that you must use to get rid of the black stains off your roof. What’s best about the process is that there is a wide range of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions that requires no specialized expertise.

Among these solutions are hot water, soap, bleach, and other chemicals. However, you need to consult your roofing professional before applying any of these solutions or chemicals on the roof. Also, it’s best to check on the shingles warranty before cleaning them, or rather test the cleaning solution on some spare shingles you may have and see how it works. You can buy a pack of shingles from your nearest depot or roofing supplier to help you know whether your roof cleaning solution is safe or not.

You can check out with the Houston roof cleaning experts or the online DIY roof cleaner formulas to know if there is a better way to remove the black stains off your roof.

Careful when searching for just any “Roof cleaning near me” – beware of high-pressure washing!

It is wrong to pressure wash the black stains off your roof. Using the pressure washer on your roof will most likely disqualify your roof’s warranty. Cleaning the roof with a pressure wash blows off the granules which should be protecting the asphalt of the shingles from ultraviolet rays. The more the granules come off the shingles, the nearer you get to replace your roof.

Another thing homeowners must be cautious about when it comes to roof cleaning is the treating processes and incomplete roof cleaning. Whether it is a lack of skills and experience or just intentional, I don’t know.

Nevertheless, proper roof cleaning contractors can provide unmatched roof treatment and cleaning of stains. Using less aggressive methods such as treatment and brushing helps to preserve the shingles granules on the roof and avoid power washing. Generally low pressure pressure under 100 psi – check out Shenandoah Home Depot or Lowes in Conroe (both stores located just off I-45)

What’s more important though is to use the correct roof treatments since not all treatments that preserve the wood will prevent the growth of algae or development of black stains on the rooftop. While chemical treatment is right, most of these treatments requires that the roof is cleaned in advance before they are applied. For instance, zinc and copper treatment are best for cleaning cedar roofs only but not removing black stains from the roof.

Finally, beware of the people who offer to treat or clean your roof, and ask them to produce their work permit. Also, ensure they have the right equipment designed for cleaning algae or black stains from the roof.

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How to Clean Your Roof with Jomax Roof Cleaner

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