How can I tell if I need my gutters repaired?

How can you tell when your home needs a gutter (or gutters) replaced when they are not functioning as they should?Gutters perform an essential job of directing the rainwater in the desired direction to collect water or direct it away from homes. Below are tips to tell when the gutter needs replacement.

When there are cracks and splits on the gutter

When it is time for regular gutter cleaning, you should take time to examine gutter cracks and fissures. These openings may not look unsafe but if left unattended to, they can grow over time and cause damages to your home. Therefore cracks should be dealt with right away to keep gutters functioning well.

When you notice the paint is peeling off

While people don’t think paint peeling off is not a sign, they don’t realize that it can indicate a more severe problem on the roof that may demand that you contact the Woodlands gutter repair specialists. For this reason, some galvanized steel gutters are coated to protect them from water or moisture that could result in rust. When the paint starts peeling off, it is an indication that moisture has already begun to damage your gutters.

Orange spots or rust on the gutter

If you notice an orange coloring on some areas of the gutter or where the gutters join the house or find rusts chances are that you need to replace the gutters. This happens because some of gutters are made of galvanized steel or if their protective coating has come off.

Foundation mildew and water clotting

One way to protect your home is by channeling the water from your home’s foundation. If you notice signs of water forming pools or puddles or mildew and algae growth, then you need to start thinking about replacing your gutters.

Damage or cracks under or around the gutters

When it is time for regular cleaning of the gutters, and you come across indicative signs of water damage around and beneath looking like rotting fascia, water stains, mildew, or puddles or peeling paint on the exterior of your gutters, it is an indication that it needs replacement.

Gutters that sag

If your gutters began to pull away or sag from the rest of the house, it is highly likely that they have become too heavy or too full of water to remain in their correct position. So, sagging means the gutters should be checked or replaced altogether by the gutter repair specialists.

Rotting around the house walls and wood elements

When the malfunctioning gutters allow rain to cascade over the home then peeling paint might be least among your concerns. If the gutters begin to rot, the exterior wood trim elements including window sills or door jambs thus making them unstable. Rotting or water-damaged drywall or wood elements attached to the gutter, it is caused by faulty gutters that must be replaced.

When there is a need for maintenance

Typically, as the house needs renovations and maintenance, gutters also do and must be maintained to function correctly. Many people forget to keep their homes in good condition leaving the gutters to get faulty. Renovation and maintenance time is the best time to replace your gutters if they aren’t serving you right.

When should I replace my gutters?

We all understand the harm faulty gutters cause to our homes and problems that would lead you to call your gutter repair professionals to your home. To avoid expensive repair costs, check your gutters from time to time for clogging leaves, twigs and other debris. If you are looking for some quick DIY solutions we suggest stopping by Home Depot in The Woodlands to pick up a pressure washer and gutter cleaning adapter to wash the debris out [Check out the Youtube video below].

Replace your gutter when:

  • They are clogged or leaky. This is one of the major causes of basement drips, mold growth, and other foundation issues. Additionally,  stagnant water in the gutters is another prevailing place for mosquito breeding.
  • They are old and worn-out as they may look unappealing and reduce the value of your property.
  • When the gutter is bent old or dented because that’s when it pulls away in a manner that it cannot be reattached
  • Old gutters seem to be pulling apart or leaks.
  • The colors need to be changed.
  • The current gutter system is inadequate, you can install a larger one. 

Are you looking to replace your gutters? Get in touch with your Woodlands gutter repair experts today and get assisted by professionals, and you’ll be provided with all the necessary information you need to get started.

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