Roof Hail Damage

What to expect with a hail claim on your roof.

Insurance companies differ in their policies but for the most part have the same hail claim process. You will need to have 7-10 hits on your shingles in a 10’x10′ test square on all main roof facets on your roof. For example, if you have a hip roof it has four major sides: front, back, left and right sides. If you have a gable roof you only have two main facets a front and back side. Each test square is used to claim that section of your roof from hip to hip or eave to eave. The insurance companies we like to deal with the most are Travelers and State Farm. These companies have been the most fair and easiest to deal with on claims as we have seen in the past. Customer service and staff are usually very friendly, honest and helpful.

Consuming Deductibles

This trend started when deductibles were $500- $1,500 and worked great for roofers to allow them to quickly grab a sale. Be leery of people who say they can do this for you as things have changed and their tricks could be illegal. These days deductibles are usually at least 1% of the home value or have a $5,000 minimum deductible for claims and we have seen $15,000 deductibles. With those prices how can you do honest business? What we have seen in the past are guys getting deposits then never showing up to the job site. We have also heard of these companies cutting major corners with their roofs, and also using deffective shingles that were bought very cheap from a roofing resale shop.

Stay Away From Storm Chasers

After a hail storm happens in Spring, or surrounding cities we are accustomed to seeing the out of state “Storm Chasers.” The problem that lies with most storm chasers is that they are usually from a different area and a lot of times they do not have a background in roofing at all. Many companies are started after a big hail storm or natural disaster and once work slows down from that storm they go out of business and then who do you turn to when your roof is leaking in 5 years? A local roofer who is reputable and has been around for 10+ years is going to be a better choice in these situations because you will not have to worry about the company going out of business any time soon and they are local just in case you have any issues they are right around the corner. In a disaster situation most local companies are back logged for 6+ months but it is well worth it to wait, as they can come out and tarp the roof to keep you dry until they are available. Modern Roofing has less of a problem being in contact with many trusted roofers we can hire additional roofers in a disaster situation on a short-term basis to get to our customers as quickly as possible so that you can go back to your every day life as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to never be back logged as we know our customers will appreciate the extra effort given in getting their jobs done fast! Not only do you have a quick response with us as a local Woodlands area roofer but you have a well established name you can trust will provide you with a dependable roof system.

Why Should You Call Modern Roofing For Your Hail Claim?

Modern Roofing is an award- winning local roofer with hundreds of reviews on all major review-based websites for contractors and plenty of references available upon request. We are Preferred Contractors with Owens Corning which means we are backed by the leading manufacturer of shingles and have gone through additional and ongoing training to be a part of their preferred contractor network. We provide free estimates and storm damage inspections for all customers in the North Houston area and approved cities. We are a local roofer to the Woodlands area as well as the Magnolia and Conroe area. We also service as far out as Cypresswood, Huntsville, Atascocita, Kingwood, Webster, Katy and all other cities in between. We only use the highest quality materials provided by top manufacturers with the best track records for successful products.



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