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Gutter Installation is Essential for Your Home


Having a gutter system protects your home in many ways. Proper gutter installation helps keep water away from your foundation. Water can erode the soil around your foundation causing foundation cracking. That’s not all of the problems that can be caused by not having gutters installed on your house. Not having gutters can cause wind driven rain falling from the roof to hit your wood siding and rot your siding prematurely. Having water runoff from the roof get in your flower beds can kill the plants around your house. Gutters are a very necessary part of a roof system. Your foundation is the main thing you want to keep healthy with your home, the second thing is the roof system that protects it. When having gutters installed on your home you want to keep a few things in mind. You want to make sure the contractor is going to use hidden aluminum gutter hangers that anchor the inside of the gutter to the fascia board, instead of using the older style gutter spikes (nails) that would come loose and cause more issues than solve. You will want to make sure that your contractor is following all local building codes. Once you install gutters, you will have to maintain your gutters and keep them clean. Most gutter guard systems do not work. If you do not have time to clean your gutters or you know you will fail to clean them every 2-3 months your gutters will not work. In this case you will need a trusted system to cover your gutters. We are certified with the best gutter covering brand on the market. The RhinoGutterGuard is the only gutter covering system we have found to actually work!

Top Gutter Installation Styles & Options


The K-Style gutter system is the most popular gutter type. This is a seamless gutter system and we use aluminum so you will not have to worry about the gutters rusting out and falling apart. Another commonly used metal is galvanized steel, this will eventually rust and fall apart causing issues to your fascia board. The aluminum gutters are much stronger than you would imagine, especially if installed correctly. These gutters are our favorite and what we would recommend installing. They come in 5″ and 6″ sizes, There is a 7″ available but is not seamless.


This gutter system looks great, and is a lot sturdier than you would expect. The way the gutter hangers are installed prevent movement and sagging. This is not a seamless gutter system and seamless gutters are always the best system.

Lets take a look at what the gutter hangers for these system look like.

These gutter hangers are invisible from the exterior of the gutter to keep the gutters looking great. They are also top of the line aluminum hangers designed to keep the gutters strong and protect the fascia board from any moisture seeping in through where the screw is attached. The screws we use have their own rubber gaskets to prevent water seeping in to the fascia and soffit area if the gutters get clogged. Here is a Picture of the fasteners used for these gutters with the rubber washer seal. You want to make sure the gutters are being installed with these screws.

Other Gutter Accessories

Some other options we provide with our gutter systems are rain barrels. Rain barrels are great additions to a gutter system. You can use these barrels to store fresh water for plants surrounding your house.


Classic 100 gal with Eclipse Lining
SpringSaver 50 gal
RainSaver 54 gal
Gutter Installation

Additional products including french drains are available upon request.

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