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If you want to stop cleaning your gutters for good, then you came to the right place. Gutter cleaning can be an annoying, dirty and dangerous chore. In the Houston Texas and surrounding areas like The Woodlands and Spring, TX we have a lot of trees, especially pine trees and they shed year round. To keep your gutters cleaned properly around here you will have to have them cleaned almost every month. 

As soon as one downspout gets clogged that gutter isn’t working properly and instead it is being overwhelmed and weighed down. This causes the gutter to loosen and weaken losing the proper pitch it needs to drain and causing more damage to your fascia board and soffit. Gutters are an essential piece to the protection of your home. It only takes a handful of debris to stop up a downspout and then your gutter system is worthless. You need gutters to help move water away from your foundation to avoid putting on water under the foundation causing foundation cracking etc. Your gutters, if maintained properly, also protect your siding from excessive moisture so it lasts longer!

In addition, proper gutter installation, even when loaded down with leaves will help alleviate gutter separation and prevent nail or screw back out. Please ask your gutter installation contractor to use screws. Screws are typically more reliable because screws do not tend to pull out over time. The preferred operation involves a hanger with screws that attach gutter to the home via the board (fascia)  board and finally into the rafter itself. 

Watch this video to see how you can keep your gutters free of all leaves and roof granules while allowing the gutters to take on 150 inches of hourly rain! You will never have a rain too powerful for these guards to handle!

Avoid Gutter Repair with Gutter Guards


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Houston Gutter Guards



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