Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs in Houston

If you want to evacuate water from the surface of commercial flat roofs, there are specific drainage solution. Lack of proper drainage system may lead to water pools that damage the roof and in due course affect the structure of the entire building. It’s essential to install the best drainage solution for the flat roof design ensuring your commercial construction is safe for years.

Unlike other roofing systems, flat roof designs require a unique approach when it comes to drainage solutions. Since the roof surface is disposed to water and other weather conditions, failure to create proper drainage is likely to cause structural damage and leaks.

When a roof remains in contact with still water for long, the chances are that the waterproofing elements and integrity of the caulk will degrade. As the material of the roof starts to accrue damage, water gathers and interferes with the structure of the roofing material. Install essential and useful flat roof drains to avoid all these misfortunes.

The Best Commercial Flat Roof Drainage Systems

Although there are many flat roofs drainage systems for a commercial property, you can always get a professional commercial roofing company to assess your roofing system and recommend the best drainage solution to install.

Gutters – Gutters are often installed on the roofs with any slope to direct and collect water away from the commercial structure via a series of pipes. Gutters are typically placed beneath or beside the edge of the flat roof to arrest as much water as possible. A roofing expert will help identify the best type of gutter as well as where to position it on your roof.

Generally, gutters are one of the most installed drainage systems on flat roof designs. They are usually open pipes attached to the roof edge. They are often the most cost-friendly drainage solution because they need no alteration or modification whatsoever to be connected to a finished roof.

Scuppers – these are outlets positioned on the edge of a roof. Scuppers are designed to force water draining from the rooftop away from the building, thus keeps the exterior walls dry and also stabilizes the foundation by keeping it dry.

Like the gutters, scuppers are more cost-effective than interior drainage solutions. Nevertheless, they work effectively when a sloped structure or tapered insulation system is used to direct the water. Ideal for use in areas receiving heavy rains, but not suitable for areas that experience snow more often.

Interior drains – interior drainage system comprises of drains positioned at intervals adjacent to the center of the roof as well as internal setup of pipes and gutters that aid in conveying water out of the building.

Drains are also fixed with a filter that prevents leaves and other wreckage from falling into pipes, which could block and stop the entire system. Interior drains are often a suitable solution for large roofing systems especially those that have the water collected at the middle of the roof. This system is visually appealing due to the components it is fixed with that someone looking from outside cannot see. While it is costly to install, this drainage solution will save you a lot of repair and maintenance money in the future.

Tapered insulation – for commercial flat roofs with insufficient drainage solutions, tapered insulation could be the answer. It efficiently directs water to the drain while keeping it from forming a pool at different spots on the way. This insulation is installed to ensure that the roof drains are effectively functional throughout the year. The 4-way tapering insulation system is commonly used in commercial slope roofs, while the 3-way tapered insulation is also applicable.

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