Do Roof Coatings Really Work? A quick look at the GE Roof coating

Modern Roofing has incorporated coatings on many industrial and commercial roof repairs in the past. We have cycled through many products and have found that there are only a certain few that are worth using.

Hydro Stop has been a coating used on many commercial roof repairs in Houston TX. We have found that this coating being a water based product is great for the environment and also for reflecting heat from your commercial bldg. However it has proven to not be the ideal product on flat roof systems since flat roof systems typically hold a little more water and take a little longer to dry than metal and shingles etc. So, we have found that it works well on pitched roofs that disburse water quickly. Hydro Stop comes with fabric membrane for laps and hydro caps to cover screws. The system has since been bought by GAF a trusted name in the roofing industry.

Modern Roofing has let go of Hydro Stop for flat roof applications and has kept it for sheet metal and metal roof applications and to seal chimney caps and other minor roof leaks as needed. For a long time we were lacking a flat roof coating that we could trust until now.

GE came out with a roof coating that is revolutionizing the roofing industry in a BIG way.

Modern Roofing has adopted this roof coating for flat roof repair and replacement applications in Houston and surrounding areas. The difference is a silicone base that does not deteriorate with excessive water exposure. Here is where you benefit as a building owner or if you are a commercial property management company. Owning a roof in the Houston TX area with all of the rains we have is tricky. Property management companies are flooded with calls when the storms roll in every week. It’s a tedious and relentless cycle of patching and back and forth calls to tenants and bldg. owners. If you have an old commercial building and can’t afford a complete roof replacement at this time, contact Modern Roofing for your free estimate on the GE performance Coating. This coating is the only option if you are facing a roof replacement, it allows you to come back and seal the system that you have in place. It gives you the option to extend the life of your existing roof indefinitely! There are also tax advantages to doing a roof coating instead of a complete roof replacement. Coatings are considered maintenance not a complete remodel so it can be written off completely in one year. Ponding water is not an issue with this silicone based product where most other products even roof replacement options void the manufacturer warranty if there is any ponding water on the bldg. Other benefits for installation include the fact that if there is a stray rain shower while installing the GE coating on your commercial bldg. it will not wash out into the parking lot like other products. Living in Houston TX. 30% rain chance is like the average and the weather is extremely unpredictable so why not protect yourself even more by making the right decision with the GE High Solids Silicone. It is usually a one step process so that makes it cheaper on labor and material etc. It’s also solvent free and good for the environment and against acrylic and water based products the best part about silicone is it doesn’t weather. It is a proven product and it’s hard to think it has taken this long to hit the market.

Modern Roofing is always excited to introduce new products to our customers if you would like to schedule a free consultation please call our office or email us! If you missed our last blog post we want to remind you that we have extended our free roofing service area to include Sugarland, Katy, La Porte, and surrounding cities.

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