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After providing top commercial roofing services to the Magnolia, TX, area for over 40 years, Modern Roofing has the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time. Whether your business needs to be re-roofed or just needs a few repairs, our team will make sure that the job is completed promptly so as to minimize any effect on your operations. Although we may be quick, we also guarantee that the job will be done correctly and there’ll be no need for repeat visits to correct mistakes.

The process of having a commercial roof installed or repaired is never something to look forward to, but finding the right contractor can make all the difference. That’s why Modern Roofing in Magnolia, TX, is the right company for your job.

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Flat TPO Roofs

Cool Roof systems are becoming increasingly popular to commercial property owners. The reasons is simple, you save money on electricity by installing a strong dependable reflective membrane that keeps the heat out! TPO cool roof systems are installed on approximately 90% of all new commercial roofing. TPO Roofing systems have become a trusted system in roofing over the past 10 years. The application process is almost fool proof since most of the important parts of installation is not actually done by a human who can make mistakes. Most of the laps in TPO roofing are heat welded by a machine that runs itself called the robot. This robot runs itself across the length of a sheet of TPO roofing welding a 2″ wide lap across TPO taking out most of the error that can be caused by a human trying to get the perfect weld. This robot makes the application of TPO a very fast and efficient system. Upon completion of every lap they are checked with another tool for cold welds to ensure that the robot is working properly and not damaging the material voiding any warranties the manufacturer will provide. TPO is a rubber non woven fabric infused membrane. It comes in 45 MIL, 60 MIL and 80 MIL. 45 MIL in our opinion is too slim and your best choice would be the 60 or 80 MIL.

Check out the Information provided by GAF one of the top TPO manufacturers for more information on TPO applications and specifications

Pros and Cons of Installing a TPO System

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When thinking about installing a TPO roof system on your building keep these things in mind: You will save a lot of money on electricity costs with the harsh Texas heat in the summer time. This system is best if installed on a roof where there will not be too much foot traffic since the TPO roof system is not quite as thick as the Modified Bitumen roof system. There are available walk pads you can install for extra strength if you will have regular maintenance performed by HVAC companies etc.
It is best to install this roof system on a building that is not surrounded by trees or other debris that may shed debris that can fall and penetrate the roof surface causing costly repairs. TPO is a very strong system and can handle most of these issues especially if you get the 80 MIL, but is not quite as equipped to handle this stress as the Modified Bitumen system. Another great thing about this roof system is that most of the waterproofing is done by a machine that is guided by a human taking out issues that may be caused from a flat roof tech that has less experience etc. This is not something to worry about as most commercial roofers have great flat roof teams but this is definitely something to consider. Be sure to have your roofer provide pictures and references for work he has already done installing these roof systems for credibility purposes.


The problems with this system are very few, it is just simply not quite as durable as the modified system. You will have to make sure whoever you send up on the roof knows to walk on the walk pads just incase they drop a screw or nail and step on it to puncture the roof surface. We have seen this happen too many times in the past. Other than this simple problem there are virtually no other issues with this product.



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