Why Do I Need A Roof Maintenance Plan?

Prolonging the life of your Magnolia or Houston, TX commercial roof

During tough economic times it's important for business owners to watch their spending while also maintaining their facilities. They want the biggest bang for their buck. Business owners also tend to think that if the roof isn't leaking or there is no evidence of damage, it doesn't need to be fixed.

If you hold to this view, problems could occur and may find yourself in a much worse position than if you had had it inspected a few months back. Below are a few facts that may help you to become proactive and save yourself money in the long run:

roof replacement

  • More than 75% of roofs are replaced before they actually need to be replaced.
  • You can deduct roof maintenance costs from taxes.
  • A new commercial roof can easily cost you more than $42,000. Roof repairs or simple maintenance jobs can cost you much less and increase the longevity of your roof.
  • A roof can leak for a long time before there are any noticeable signs of damage.