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Not just a roofing company***

Though Modern Roofing focuses primarily on Commercial Roofing replacement and repairs, we are well rounded in residential siding replacement and repair as well as painting. Here is a project where we had already replaced the roof but there were still leaks coming in through the walls on the roof that needed to be fixed. The

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Roofing Siding & Gutter Company

Modern Roofing’s specialty has and always will be commercial roofing. But since our inception, we have increased our services and expertise and have ventured out of commercial and residential roofing only and we now provide expert siding gutter and even painting services for Magnolia, Spring and surrounding Texas cities. We are proud of the projects

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Watch “Roof replacement in Bentwater Subdivision off of East Promenade”

Vapor Permeability Provides No Performance Benefit for Roofing Underlayments in Ventilated Attics

Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P. Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, Building Science Corporation Dr. Achilles Karagiozis, Director of Building Science, Owens Corning Paul Gassman, P. Eng., Product Engineer, Owens Corning Introduction The roofing market has seen an onslaught of new synthetic underlayment products in the past 10 years. These products bring many advantages to the installer: increased

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The Woodlands Park and Ride Roof Replacement by Modern Roofing

Modern Roofing has just completed another quality roof system for The Woodlands Township at their Sawdust Park & Ride Facility. The project took about two weeks to complete. It received all new metal decking and tapered insulation to move water to the interior drains. The existing gutter system was not replaced it was removed and

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Do Roof Coatings Really Work? A quick look at the GE Roof coating

Modern Roofing has incorporated coatings on many industrial and commercial roof repairs in the past. We have cycled through many products and have found that there are only a certain few that are worth using. Hydro Stop has been a coating used on many commercial roof repairs in Houston TX. We have found that this

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Storm Damage Specialist in The Woodlands and Spring area

Looks like the Woodlands and Spring area are going to get hit hard again with rain. If you have any storm related damage and need emergency help call Modern Roofing. Modern Roofing has been handling storm related emergencies and storm damage insurance claims in The Woodlands and Spring area for the last 10+ years. We

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Need help with your holiday decor?

Modern Roofing is launching a new seasonal service. We will be installing Christmas lights for our customers in the The Woodlands and North Houston area. You can call for a over the phone or in person consultation. It is important to hire a roofer to install your Christmas lights we will make sure while installing

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The Woodlands, TX Roofer

The Woodlands, TX is a very fast growing area of Texas. Modern Roofing is proud to have worked in this area serving our local community since 2003. We have installed roofs on many of the residential homes as well as commercial buildings in The Woodlands. If you are living in The Woodlands and would like

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Why is it important to have your roof checked once a year?

Protecting your home starts with your roof. Having a solid roof is the single most important investment to your homes protection. In heavily wooded areas like The Woodlands, and the spring area it is much more important to have a roof maintenance schedule to keep your roof in great shape to avoid costly roof repairs.

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