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Modern Roofing has the ability to install most flat roof systems. All flat roof systems are great in their own way, and depending on your geographical location some may be better than others. Which is precisely the reason why in Houston, TPO should be your flat roof of choice because of the reflectivity. TPO flat roofing is installed on about 90% of all flat roofs commercial and residential, for Modern Roofing. In fact most new construction buildings in Houston are being built with TPO flat roofing. Why you ask? It’s simple, TPO is the most popular roof system in Houston because of the heat and humidity. It has proven to perform better in many ways with the harsh Houston weather. Harsh summers and harsh winters cause expansion and contraction, the additional humidity being so close to the gulf doesn’t help. Most of the roofing products being tar based do not fair well with the constant movement in the material. TPO outperforms the other products by far with these weather conditions.

We have customers raving about their electric bills decreasing and the quality of these roof systems.

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