APP 180 Modified Bitumen Roof System

The Modified Bitumen roof system has made a name for itself in the commercial roofing industry and is one of the oldest flat roofing systems that is still applied on roofs today. We have many happy customers that have had this product installed on their roofs. It has proven itself to us as a top of the line flat roof system and one of the only types of flat roofing that we trust. This system is installed with either heat welders or torch systems. the most common and trusted application is the torch applied system. We have veteran flat roof techs that are extremely familiar with this product and love to use it. It comes in different colors and a lot of times can be used to match shingle colors on flat areas of residential roofs to prevent damage to the aesthetics of your house. This is a great product to install on your building if it is covered by trees or other debris that may be falling on the roof. Of course there is no perfect product but this system is much more suitable for traffic and can take much more of a beating with hail or tree limbs falling etc.

Check out the Information provided by Certainteed and Firestone for more information on APP 180 Modified Bitumen applications and specifications

Pros and Cons


You can install this roof system in a heavily wooded area and you will not have to worry about the roof being punctured by tree limbs or sloppy contractors. This may still happen but the roof is meant to withhold more foot traffic and hail etc. This system is also great for applications on residential structures because they are covered with the same ceramic granules in the same colors the shingle manufacturers use so if your worried about colors matching this is not a problem.


This roof system is installed fully with experienced flat roof technicians. It doe not have the help of any machine. There are proven measures that we take to make sure the roof is done right and they have worked for us for 20+ years of flat roof installations. Other than this minor issue this roof is a great buy!