News on Tesla’s new solar roof system

May 1st, 2017

Modern Roofing will be offering a new solar roofing option for Houston TX. And surrounding areas. Some options for this new roofing system will not be available until early in 2018. This new solar roof system is supposed to disrupt the roofing industry and move towards the inevitable new solar energy movement. We expect more and more roofs will be replaced with this solar style roof system since it is expected to be cheaper than a traditional shingle roof, not to mention the energy savings of converting to solar power. With the expected disruption of the energy industry with companies like Powur coming out with much better and cheaper options for energy we think Tesla’s solar roof is a perfectly timed and genius option for new roofing. Tesla’s new roof system will mimic traditional architectural shingles and slate roofing. So, this new solar roof system will also be aesthetically pleasing unlike its competitors. Modern Roofing will start installing Tesla’s solar roofs as early as late 2017. We are excited about this new revolutionary roof system.